Improve Customer Satisfaction.  Reduce Service Requests.  Lower Overhead.

Branded and customized online video resource

  • Trackable, online orientations with course certificate
  • Use & Care video library
  • Simple, useful and informative content
  • Seasonal and calendar based maintenance reminders
  • Troubleshooting guidelines
  • Multiple languages available
Inov8tiv Home Solutions is an exceptional product.  We are so committed to the success of this program that we are incentivizing all of our residents to get certified on home care through the Inov8tiv Home Solutions video learning series.  Justin Iannacone

Executive Vice President, Construction, Colony Starwood Homes

Resident Orientations

Our orientations focus on the most common and most potentially damaging issues that could arise in the first year of occupancy.  Orientation topics may be set to mandatory or optional.

Our resources cover proper operation of the components within and around the home, providing accurate preventative maintenance guidelines and helpful troubleshooting tips.

Reference Library

The following topics are currently available. Additional topics can be added upon request.

Cabinets & Countertops


Exterior Finishes

Wood Siding


Roofs & Gutters

Interior Finishes

Walls & Paint
Interior Trim

Bathroom Finishes

Tubs & Shower Pans

Shower Doors & Glass

Shower Surrounds


Ceramic Tile
Wood & Laminate


Grading & Drainage
Plants & Irrigation
Wooden Fences


Garbage Disposal
Dishwasher Air Gap
Micro-hood & Vents

Electrical & Low Voltage

GFI Outlets
Smoke Detectors
Switches & Plugs
Panels & Meters

Doors & Windows

Fire Doors
French Doors
Garage Doors
Sliding Glass Doors
Closet Doors & Shelves
Exterior Doors & Hardware
Interior Doors & Hardware


Sink Back-ups
Low Flow Toilets
Toilet Tank Leaks
Water & Gas Shut Offs


Condenser Unit
HVAC Registers
Evaporative Coolers
Exhaust Ventilation
Heating & Cooling Systems

Value Proposition

Inov8tiv Home Solutions offers a cutting edge, personalized platform that will reduce costs for property managers.  This is a game changer for you and your customers.  Whether you currently provide resident education or not, you will solve the following problems.

Problem: Residents move in with little or no training on use and care of home, resulting in unneccessary and costly claims that could have been avoided.

Solution: We provide your residents with high quality and comprehensive information to better prepare them for the responsibilities of living in your homes.


Problem: Quality of delivery is dependent on skills of representative.

Solution: Video delivery is clear, concise, consistent and available in many languages.


Problem: Content is often rushed and the resident is stressed, distracted or uninterested.

Solution: Our content can be viewed anytime, anywhere.


Problem: Scheduling is inconvenient and difficult. Time onsite is lengthy and costly.

Solution: No scheduling needed.  Training is automatically assigned to the resident and monitored until completion.


Problem: Drive time to property consumes more valuable time.

Solution: No need for face to face orientations.


Problem: Resident retains little information from face to face interaction.

Solution: Our videos are memorable, enlightening and entertaining and can be referred back to at a later time.  Maintenance reminders are prescheduled and sent out regularly.


Problem: User error leads to invalid claims, potential charges and customer resentment.

Solution: You gain the goodwill of providing your users with the tools and information that allow them to properly care for their homes at their convenience.

Additional Features

Your videos can be customized with additional features as desired.


Branding of videos with your logo and company information.

As part of the package we will mimic your web environment so it is a seamless transition into our training platform.

We can translate the videos and website into any language you need.

Video snippets can be integrated with work order creation for troubleshooting and instant resolution.

Custom videos can be created to your specifications.
Reporting Features – Monitor course progress, Reference Library views, popular topics, etc.

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